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10 ways to be a better environmentalist at home & abroad

A few weeks ago, during the global climate strike on September 20, I just happened to be in Berlin for several meetings. While I was making my way through the city, I crossed paths with hundreds of climate strikers. The city seemed alive with activists. People carrying signs both funny and serious. People marching through the streets.

It was all so visible, in-your-face, but it was also digital. The crowds and all the conversation around it immediately made me aware of the urgency of the situation.

As a travel writer, and one that frequently takes long-distance trips, I am acutely aware of my own personal impact on the world and our climate. Don’t get me wrong: there’s a lot to love about travel, but we have to be more aware of how it’s affecting our global world today and in the future.

Reports from the September 20th Global Climate Strike claim nearly 4 million people participated, arguably the largest in our history. We need to spend more…

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