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5 Most Delicious Meals in Delhi (India)

Butter chicken
Butter chicken (photo: shankar s)

Nothing will tantalize your tastebuds more than Indian food. Whether you are a spice connoisseur or a curious foodie, the combination of spices from Indian dishes will awaken all your senses and above all, WOW your sense of taste.

Each spoon of forkful, whatever your preference, is bound to tell a story from start to finish. It is always an exciting adventure when indulging in the rich tastes of Indian cuisine.

From breakfast dishes to entrees, desserts, drinks, and accompaniments, every taste has a place.

Throughout this culturally rich and diverse nation, there are variations to everyday dishes. Here, we will look at five popular and tasty meals in Delhi and how they are prepared.

1. MurghMakhani – Moti Mahal Butter chicken

MurghMakhani – Moti Mahal Butter chicken is an intensely aromatic, creamy chicken dish that became a success due to an error made by a cook.

He was making tandoori chicken and accidentally mixed in a buttery tomato…

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